What are Sherlockhost’s procedures for dealing with website abuse?

If it is minor abuse, we give 24 hours notice for the customer to resolve the issue. If this doesn’t happen, the account will be suspended immediately.

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Does Sherlockhost comply with all current USA and Europe laws?

Yes. Sherlockhost is in compliance with all USA and Europe legislation.

How do you treat abuse copyright or IP?

It is completely prohibited to publish any content for which you do not have permission. We will...

Do you offer bulletproof hosting?

No, we do not offer this type of hosting.

How do you handle system abuse?

We take abuse very seriously and sites with illegal content will be closed immediately.

Some antivirus programs consider my content as a virus while others don't. What is your policy concerning this?

Any virus must be deleted within 24 hours or your account will be subjected to suspension. If...