How do I transfer my website to your shared hosting?

Here are the main steps: make a backup of your website, make a dump of your database, copy all of your files to our hosting, create and import databases, edit configuration files, check everything with service domain name *, change DNS servers for your domains to,

Here are the details:

First, request that your current hosting provider backs up your website content or do it yourself through control panel. If you have a database, make a dump of it at phpmyadmin or in shell using mysqldump program.

  • Download the backup and dump to your computer.
  • Upload the backup and dump to our hosting. Please be aware that your upload speed could be slow, but there is an option for a large amount of data - use the SCP command at your old hosting to copy content from your old server to ours.
  • If you have a database create it at cPanel, create a user; add the user to the database.
  • Change your website configuration files because now you have a new database name and username. Usually it is stored at configuration.php
  • Check access to files, it should be 644, and on folders 755.
  • Check your website at where is your domain name.
  • Change your DNS servers to,
  • Wait for a DNS information update in 8-48 hours.

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