When and how can I apply and receive any affiliate rewards?

Affiliate rewards are paid 30 days following receipt by us of money from your referral. To apply for and receive your reward, please contact our support team to inform them of the PayPal account where you would like the funds sent.

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Do I have to be a client of yours to become an affiliate?

No, you can just initiate an account with no purchase and activate a partnership.

Can I register my affiliates myself?

Yes, but please remember to enter your customers data, not your own.

Is only the first referral eligible for a reward, or any subsequent ones also?

We will pay you for all referrals, but 30 days after the payment has been made by the referred...

How can I activate an affiliate partnership?

If you already have an account in our system then go to your customer area, click "Affiliates" in...