How Do I Add DKIM Records to my DNS?

Go to cPanel to Email section, click Authenticanion link. If the DKM is enabled

but DNS record isn't added in the Domains section in Advanced Zone Editor

You should create DKIM and add DNS record. Use free DKIM creation service
Enter your domain in Domain Name field and your Email in DomainKey Selector field, Key size in beats should be 1024, press submit:

Now as you've created the
DKIM record for your domain, copy everything beginning from p= to quotation marks:


Go to cPanel, choose the Domains section and click Advanced Zone Editor. Here fill in the fields of your record

In the Name field enter mail._domainkey, your domain name will be aded here automatically.

In the TTL field enter 14400.

In the TXT Data field enter v=DKIM1; k=rsa; and enter the text, that you've copied earlier.

Press Add Record and you'll see the folowing:

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