How to Configure Backup in cPanel

 Go to the "Files" block, click on the "Backup" icon.

Note: You can restore only partial backups you've previously made. Full backups wil be restored by technical support

Now choose a necessary backup and create or restore it

Automatic remote backup service

You can use cPanel's Cron Job feature to run automatic backup. To create a Cron Job, you would first log in to your cPanel under "Advanced" select "Cron Jobs".

You can also specify an email address that the Cron daemon will send the job's results to.

Pay attention to time fields: Specify when the cron job will run. Suppose, you need it run once a day. We recommend to run Cron at night as the general load of the server is reduced.

Suppose you need to run a script every morning at 2:00 AM.


Minute - 00

Hour - 02

In the command tab you need to give the command according to the task:

Database Backup

mysqldump --opt -u user -p password  database >/path/to/backup/filename.sql 

to restore all databases write --all-databases instead of the database name:

mysqldump --opt -u user -p password --all-databases  >/path/to/backup/filename.sql

If you need save them as gzip:
mysqldump --opt -u user -p password --all-databases | gzip -c -9>/path/to/backup/filename.gz

Site Backup

tar -czf /path/to/backup/filename.tar.gz /path/to/site

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